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"Social Media Stories for Lee Marine. On location with Bahrain Cameraman in Phuket"

The weather was ideal for this nautical gathering and Royal Phuket Marina was the place to be for the Thailand International Boat Show 2024. Bahrain cameraman Justin Weily was there to tell Lee Marine's

Social Media Stories over the 4 day event.

“The marketing department at Lee Marine wanted stories, not just photos and videos of the event for their Instagram and Facebook feeds. They had some big announcements and big announcements require stories, not just video clips and a sound track knocked up on a phone" Says Crew Sixty DOP Justin Weily.


It was Lee Marine's 25th anniversary and their first big show since covid so they wanted to make sure their current and future customers knew what was happening during the event. They especially wanted everyone to know about the two Riviera models that were for sale so specific messaging on their social media channels were key from the get go.

Image curtesy Lee Marine
Riviera 78 cruising the waters off Phuket

"We wanted to use video packages, the aim was to attract people to their pontoon so social media blasts that had specific messages were required. We didn't just post pictures and music, we told stories from day one until the final night."

Lee Marine Managing Director Joshua Lee being interviewed at the Thailand International Boat Show

We opted for the Panasonic EVA1 due to its lightweight and awesome low light capabilities. An easy camera to travel with and given interviews were forming the base of the stories, capturing decent audio was essential and a phone setup didn't cut the mustard.

"Stories should have a beginning, middle and an end. Somehow that's been lost and sub-standard video content is the norm these days and pumped out willy nilly. A lot of content I see on social media channels say absolutely nothing. We offer more than that to both marketing agencies and brands directly." says Weily.

Social Media Stories are carefully crafted video news releases that focus on a companies key messaging. They are available to marketing agencies in Bahrain and beyond when something more than pretty pictures from an iPhone with a soundtrack is needed. High quality video footage, interviews with key staff and a voice over (sometimes) are what clients want.

If you want to talk about what Social Media Stories can do for your brand or clients, feel free to get in touch at the channels below.

+973 3625 5434




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