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Video Editing in Bahrain

Video editing services is something I can provide to clients that are either based in Bahrain or abroad. The above video was one episode from an 8 part series I produced for Prudential Hong Kong (working alongside their HR department) to promote their 'This is Me' campaign in 2022.


This is Me is a global, business-led campaign to support organisations, and their employees, to encourage them to talk about mental health, it happens every year.


I can follow editorial guidelines and advise on how to make your end product effective. Whether that's adding graphics or visual text to enhance your content or licencing stock footage to capture and keep people's attention. 

Projects start with an informal chat to work out your budget, what your goal is, and what you can do to prepare the materials I need so that time and money is spent wisely. 

We would start with a 'basic cut' which in most cases means 'stitching together' the sound bites (or voice over) that forms the base of your video. 

Rough cuts, changes, text and graphics can be done via FTP.

A bonus is that I also have a creators Artgrid account which means that any footage on the Artgrid site can be used in your production. 

If you need a video editor for an upcoming production, feel free to get in touch at the email below. To learn how to make your upcoming video editing project in Bahrain a smooth process, visit this link on my blog on how prepare beforehand.

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