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Respecting the boardroom table

Updated: Jan 31

One of the first things I tell any cameraman when shooting in a boardroom in Bahrain is to respect that sacred table. It's a place where big decisions are made, ideas brought to fruition. So many times I've seen people throw phones, batteries and audio cables (with tough metal casings) on that most hallowed piece of office furniture.

You know the ones, BIG, shiny, expensive, made from cherry wood or teak and probably cost more than membership at a private club.


So whenever we do anything in a boardroom, we make sure to always put something on the table to protect it from getting scratched. Glasses for drinking included, there are always coasters in there.

People notice if your 'smashing things about' so to remember to act like a visitor, which is what you are on this particular work day.

Justin Weily is a self-shooting producer/director and is based in Bahrain. He works in sports production, corporate communications & media training. He is a video marketing vendor for various ad agencies, financial services companies & brands.

He's pretty sure he hasn't scratched a boardroom table in 20 years (not that he knows of anyway)

+973 3625 5434

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