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Adding pre-recorded video interviews to your video presentations for broadcast on Zoom or LinkedIn.

Video editing interviews together to be included in your upcoming product launch or live event is a good way to deliver key messages to a specific audience. Good for sharing on social media.

Below is a recent video I edited in Hong Kong for a client. A mix of webcam and iPhone video recordings were provided to us. The use of our archive footage for b-roll came in handy to cover some of the shots for the longer sound-bites.

The above video took around 15 hours to put together. Services are charged at an hourly rate and that includes a 'free pre-shoot checklist meeting' before you start producing your segments or engage us to do them for you.

For video editing services in Hong Kong feel free to get in touch, I have an Artgrid account so all archive footage we users cleared for your productions.

+852 5634 3881

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