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Cameraman & Producer in Bahrain

For more information visit

My name is Justin Weily. I'm a cameraman, self-shooting producer and video editor living in Bahrain.


Before arriving in the Kingdom I was based in Hong Kong producing video content for the corporate sector, sports agencies and video production companies that did not have a presence there and required experienced camera crew.

If you require a Bahrain cameraman for HR content, internal comms, promotional videos, media training, social media content or sports events please get in touch.

When you hire me to shoot and produce a 'talking head type interview' rest assured that there is no time wasted and I can gently guide people through their presentations to ensure that they look good and sound good when speaking on camera.


A lot of my work is shooting and guiding C-Suite Executives delivering important announcements and conducting interviews on camera. It became such a big part of my work that I developed an online course called Recording for Business


The course consists of 24 short videos (2-5 minutes in length) that cover both on camera presentation and using your mobile phone to record good quality business clips. Below is a short video that covers some topics I cover in the course. 

I'm also involved in a start-up called Crew Sixty which allows companies to book experienced camera crews on an hourly, half-daily or daily basis (in certain cities around the world) for information visit

Feel free to get in touch of you require a polite, experienced and presentable cameraman or producer to cover your upcoming project in Bahrain. 

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